SA post writing practice/textus

it needs to be -nourishing -engaging/creative -effortless -open throat - sharing first thoughts. writing in the way that our mind works. writing with your own brazen sense of humour. not catering our thinking to the tastes of others.

memnonic rest-writing - we often use our heads and faces too much, give the screen a break and try writing in bed with eyes closed, like a filidh

You may find that when you put the computer away, new ideas will soon emerge. This seems partially related to the way our mind continues to work in the background, even when we are doing something else. Moving away from a high focus situation allows the mind to produce new ideas in a non-linear way, without much effort. This form of writing is called planting a seed and tasting the fruit. Some of our best ideas come from this.

A similar technique was practiced by the surrealists.

there is certainly a place for a focused, linear approach to work, however this can quickly get tiring through the sheer number of things to do. Planting seeds allows you to create balance, stepping away while you rest.